UFO Sightings

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This page presents a snapshot of the accumulated UFO data across one year (August 2016 - August 2017) as gathered by the NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center).

The charts provided can be crossfiltered accordingly to provide the user with an understanding of the behaviour, pattern, location and frequency of UFO sightings for the aforementioned year worldwide.

The recommended selectors for primary filter are Chart 1 - UFO Sightings by Date, and Chart 3 - Sightings by State.

UFO sightings by Date:

Total number of (global) sightings for the period between August 2016 - 2017

Users can drill into the menu to reveal the number of sightings by continent.

Global Sightings

Continental Sightings by frequency

N.B. Users are reminded that the continent of North America includes Canada and Mexico, which may explain apparent anomalies in the data.

Sightings by State

Total number of reported sightings by US state

N.B. The state listed as 'XX' denotes a location outside of the US.

Duration of UFO sightings:

The most frequent sighting of UFOs lasts for less than a minute.

Shape of UFOs spotted:

The most common defined UFO shape observed is as a light form.


Based on the charts and the sample size for the 12 month period, we can conclude:

  • 97% of reported sightings occurred in the continent of North America.
  • The US state of California reported the most number of sightings (505).
  • The majority of all sightings ~ 32% lasted a minute or less with the most observed 'shape' being a light source.

Additional Resources

The original data used in this dashboard is sourced from Data.World.

Further information about UFO sightings and how to report them can be found at the NUFORC site.